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What is a short sale in Naples, Florida?

A short sale is a real estate transaction that happens when a homeowner reaches out to their lender with the hopes of an approval to sell their property below what is currently owed. Should the lender accept the short sale, they will go in knowing they will take a lesser payoff at the end of the short sale.


How do I qualify for a short sale?

In order to qualify for a short sale the homeowner must usually be in some kind of financial hardship. Although some lenders will have certain expectations or be a little more lenient, a couple of examples of typically accepted hardships may be divorce, job loss, death of a family member, incarceration, etc. When you reach out to your lender, be sure you have a confident understanding of your situation so they can better understand as well as give you an easier go ahead for the short sale.

How To Short Sale A Home

What is a short sale package?

A short sale package is a cluster of paperwork typically asked for by lenders for homeowners to provide in order to validate the reasoning for the short sale. The documents within the short sale package are typically financial paperwork along with a short sale hardship letter. A couple examples of these financial documents are W-2’s, paystubs, financial statements, etc. Your short sale hardship letter will be your time to tell your lender how you came to be in your situation as well as what you have tried to crawl back out before you sought their short sale approval. It is also best to note why you feel a short sale will be beneficial to both, you and your lender.


What can a short sale offer me?

Short sales have many great things to offer, including short sale cash back incentives. These incentives may vary depending on your lender; however, the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative (HAFA) program offers qualified homeowners $3,000 cash back after their short sale to assist with relocation expenses.


Why is a foreclosure on my Naples home such a bad idea?

In reality, a person’s credit it usually their ticket to their future. In this circumstance, a foreclosure has the ability to damage a credit score by 300+ points while also making it almost impossible to qualify for another loan for almost a decade. During a short sale, your credit score will take the most hit from missed mortgage payments while also allowing you to typically qualify for another loan within two years. A foreclosure also has the opportunity to destroy your potential career path; it is common for employers to run background checks should you apply for a government job or any such job with significant importance.


Who specializes in short sales in Naples Florida?

With most careers come specialists in that particular field. In short sales, short sale specialists are the ones who take short sales seriously and strive to successfully complete them. Any Realtor can tell you they may assist you with your short sale but the question is how many short sales have they actually completed? When you are looking for an experienced Naples short sale agent who will handle all negotiations on your behalf while also holding impeccable communication with you and your lender, you will want to ask for credentials. Our experts will offer their credentials to you without hesitation because we genuinely care about your situation and have the proof to back that up.


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