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What is a short sale?

A short sale happens when a homeowner seeks out the approval from their lender in order to sell their home below the amount that is currently owed on the property. In a short sale the lender would typically agree to accept a lower pay out after the short sale has concluded in order for both parties to avoid a foreclosure.

How do you qualify for a short sale in Texas?

Qualifications for a short sale will typically consist of being in some kind of financial hardship. Examples of typically accepted hardships may include:

  • Divorce or legal separation
  • Reduction in income or loss of employment
  • Death of a family member
  • Major illness or medical expenses
  • Job relocation or transfer
  • Increased living expenses
  • Incarceration


These are only a few examples of short sale qualifications so it is advisable to seek out a Dallas Texas short sale agent in order to better understand the qualifications of a short sale as well as where your particular hardship may stand. We are local short sale Realtors who offer free help to home owners like yourself. Call us today to discuss your situation and find out if you qualify for a short sale. (877)737-4903


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Why is a short sale better than a foreclosure?

First, there is the stigma and trauma of having your property forcefully taken from you in a foreclosure. In addition, one big difference between a short sale and foreclosure is based on a credit score and recovery period. For example, a foreclosure can make it almost impossible to qualify for a loan for almost ten years, whereas a short sale can make it possible to purchase again in two years or even less. A foreclosure has the ability to drop your credit score by 300+ points while with a short sale, your credit score will take the most dammage from missed mortgage payments and not the short sale itself. A short sale will also be read on your credit as “Paid as negotiated” whereas a foreclosure will always be noted as such. In addition, in a foreclosure, in many cases a borrower is still liable to repay the deficiency, or lender losses. In a short sale, a lender will typically release the borrower from the debt completely and forgive the deficiency. In addition, and perhaps the best reason, is many lenders are offering financial incentives to home owners to complete a short sale of up to $40,000. This money can be used to help pay for your relocation and get a fresh start.

How much work is in it for me to do a short sale?

Not much. In fact, the only thing you will be asked to do is gather the appropriate documents for your short sale package. Our local Dallas short sale agent will handle all processing on your behalf with your lender while also keeping you informed at all times on the status of your short sale.

How can I find the right Dallas Texas short sale Realtor?

Finding the right short sale specialist to assist you in your short sale can be a tedious job - but you have come to the right place. Experience is key. We have helped hundreds of local home owners such as yourself, and we offer no cost assistance to help you during your time of need. Contact one of our short sale agents today!

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