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What is a short sale?

A Denver short sale happens when a homeowner seeks approval through their lender in order to sell their home for less than what is currently owed on the mortgage loan, with hopes of the lender agreeing to accept a lower payout after the home is sold to avoid a foreclosure.

What are the qualifications of a Denver CO short sale?

One of the main qualifications of a short sale is that you must typically be in some kind of financial hardship. Some of the hardships that can qualify you for a short sale include loss of income or employment, job relocation / transfer, incarceration, divorce or legal separation, excessive medical bills, increased living expenses or death in the family. To discuss your circumstances and find out if you qualify for a short sale, call us at (877)737-4903.

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What are the benefits of a short sale?

A short sale has the ability to help homeowners escape foreclosure and look forward to a more promising future.  A foreclosure is public record and can haunt a person’s credit for seven years, while also making it close to impossible to qualify for a loan during that time. A short sale will allow you to recover your credit and be able to purchase again in only two years. In addition, in a foreclosure or deed-in-lieu of foreclosure the home owners is often still liable to repay their lender for any loss (or deficiency), where as in a short sale your lender will typically forgive you of all of the deficiency. One of the most attractive things about a short sale is the incentives that many lenders are given once the short sale has been completed. Each lender will more than likely vary on their incentives, but we have seen lenders give as much as $40,000 back to a home owner in hardship to complete a short sale.

Can I stay in my home until the short sale is over?

Yes. Until the short sale has been completed, you still own your home and you still have rights. You will not be asked to vacate until the closing of the short sale. In the mean time, it is wise and advisable to save money and find alternatives for your future living arrangements.

Where should I start with the process?

The first place to start, even perhaps before contacting your lender, is to contact a local short sale specialist. We are Denver short sale agents who specialize in helping home owners such as yourself avoid foreclosure with a short sale. All traditional closing costs, including your real estate fees are paid for by your lender in a short sale. Experience is everything when it comes to choosing a short sale agent, and the results of inexperience can be disasterous. We have helped hundreds of area home owners avoid foreclosure with a short sale!



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