Golden Colorado Short Sale Specialists

What is a short sale?

A short sale is a real estate transaction that happens when a homeowner reaches out to their lender with the idea of selling their property below what is currently owed on the home due to some kind of financial hardship. Should a lender agree, they will be taking in a smaller payout while also avoiding a foreclosure.

Who can qualify for a short sale?

Qualifications for a Golden Colorado short sale will typically consist of being in some kind of hardship and in a situation where you must sell. Some examples of accepted hardships might be:

  • Job relocation or military transfer
  • Incarceration
  • Death of a family member
  • Loss of income or employment
  • Excessive medical bills or illness
  • Increased living expenses
  • Property in need of renovations without means to make them
  • Divorce or legal separation


If you owe more than the value of your Golden, CO area home and meet one or more of the above hardships, you should be able to qualify. We are a group of Golden Co short sale specialist Realtors who offer free help to home owners in the area. We have helped hundreds avoid foreclosure. Give us a call at (877)737-4903 to find out if you qualify today. There is absolutely no cost to you to do a short sale.

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What will I need to provide for a short sale?

Within a short sale, financial documentation to prove your hardship as well as a self written short sale hardship letter will typically be asked of the homeowner to provide for the lender. This cluster of paperwork is also known as a short sale package. The contents within the short sale package will usually consist of:

  • W-2's & Tax Returns
  • Paystubs
  • Financial Statements from your bank
  • Hardship Letter
  • Letter of Authorization allowing us to speak to your lender
  • Offer to purchase (provided through US!)
  • Listing Agreement (provided by US!)
  • BPO (Broker Price Opinion provided by us, showing current "as-is" value)


That is the only work you will have to do in a short sale. You prove your hardship, and leave the rest up to us. If you get us these documents, we will take care of processing everything with your lender, marketing your home, and getting the short sale approved and closed.

Why should I stop a foreclosure on my Golden Colorado home?

A foreclosure should usually be the last option for a homeowner who would like to salvage their credit and also qualify for a loan in the future. A foreclosure can lurk on ones credit for seven years, making it almost impossible to qualify for a loan. In addition, choosing to foreclose on your home may also damage your credit score by 300 or more points, whereas most of any damage that may arise on your credit from a short sale will be mostly due to the already missed mortgage payments. A foreclosure can also get in the way of any future employment; yes, some employers look to credit before making a hiring decision. In addition, in a foreclosure your lender can persue a deficiency judgement for their losses, even years up the road, which can force a home owner into bankruptcy to avoid the liability. In a short sale, a lender agrees in their approval letter to release the home owner from their financial obligation and even forgive the deficiency. In addition, we are able to get cash back relocation incentives over 70% of the time. This is typically a few thousand dollars, however we have seen lenders pay up to $40,000 in the past to encourage home owners to complete a short sale.

When should I make the decision to short sale?

As soon as possible. The sooner an approval for a short sale can be made, the sooner the completion. Short sales are known to be lengthy, so with that said, if you are already behind on payments, each additional missed payment during the short sale process will still do its damage to your credit. If you are a homeowner who foresees a possibility of falling behind on mortgage payments, then it is important to speak with your us as soon as possible while also maintaining mortgage payments if applicable.

Can my current Realtor short sale my home?

The answer to this question in most cases is "NO"! You only get one chance at this. Most agents do not like to do short sales, and most of the rest lack the expertise in order to be able to navigate the process and get them closed. The results of inexperience can be disasterous. We have helped hundreds of area home owners complete a short sale and have a 97% approval rate. Contact us today to discuss your circumstances in detail as well as the short sale process. Remember, there is never a cost to you to complete a short sale.

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 Our network of highly experienced short sale agents have closed many short sales and are Equator Certified Agents and look forward to helping you with yours! We work with all lenders, including Bank of America short sales, Wells Fargo Short Sales, and Chase Bank Short salesContact us today and let’s see if you qualify for a Golden Colorado short sale! If you need a local short sale specialist, we are your Golden Colorado short sale specialist real estate agents and are here to assist you.