Memphis TN Short Sale Specialists


What is a short sale?

A short sale in Memphis TN is a real estate transaction in which the homeowner seeks permission from their lender to sell their home below what is currently owed on the mortgage loan. If a lender should agree to a short sale, they also agree to accept a lower payout at the conclusion of the short sale.

What are the qualifications for a short sale?

The qualifications of a Memphis short sale usually consist of being in some kind of financial hardship. An example of typically accepted hardships would be:

  • Loss of income or employment
  • Excessive medical bills or illness
  • Increased living expenses
  • Property in need of renovations without means to make them
  • Divorce or legal separation
  • Job relocation or military transfer
  • Incarceration
  • Death of a family member


These are only a few hardships that may be accepted through your lender. In order to get a better idea of where your particular situation may stand, contact a Memphis short sale specialist today! There is no cost at all to do a short sale, so give us a call today at (877)737-4903 to see if you qualify.

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Do I get money back from a short sale?

When a homeowner opts for a short sale and depending on their lender, short sale incentives are typically given upon completion of the short sale. Each lender may vary on their incentives; however we have seen home owners get as much as $40,000 back to complete a short sale.

How much work will the short sale take?

For you as the homeowner you will be asked to gather financial documentation to prove your financial hardship, as well as write a short sale hardship letter to provide for your lender. This is called a short sale package. The documents within this package will be able to better help your lender make a decision on your short sale. You'll get it these required documents together, and we will handle all processing with your lender on your behalf and work to get your home sold!

Can I still do a short sale if I am going through a foreclosure?

Yes! Banks are typically more than happy to work through a short sale because it means they will not have to worry about the costly amount a foreclosure would bring. Although in a short sale the lender agrees to take a smaller payout, in the end they will most likely still end up bringing in more than they would have had to dish out had a foreclosure been the option.

Can any Realtor do a short sale?

In order to successfully complete a short sale, a short sale specialist with a proven track record is a MUST. Dont' trust your financial future to an agent who maybe took a weekend training class, or has only worked with a few short sales. We have helped hundreds of Memphis area home owners like yourself complete a short sale and have a 97% approval rate. In a short sale, all traditional seller paid costs including your real estate brokerage fees are paid for by your lender. You should never pay a penny to do a short sale. Contact us today for a phone consultation to discuss the short sale process in detail as well as to find out if you qualify for one.


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 Our agents are also fully trained in theEquator short sale platform- all still at no cost to you! Contact one of our Memphis short sale agents today so that you can personally see how dedicated we are to helping you through your short sale.