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What exactly is a short sale?

A short sale is a real estate transaction that occurs when a homeowner asks their lender for permission to sell their home below what is currently on the home in order to avoid foreclosure. Should the lender agree to a short sale, they will agree to accept a lower payoff amount than what is owed on the property, and typically forgive you of the debt completely.

How do you qualify for a short sale?

The first step is to contact us at (877)737-4903. We are Pompano Beach short sale agents who offer free help to home owners to avoid foreclosure, and we can usually tell you if you qualify with just a brief phone call. Qualifications for a short sale will typically consist of proving you are in some kind of financial hardship. Short sale hardships may vary depending on the lender, and some do not even require a financial hardship, but some typical ones include - divorce / separation, job loss or reduction in income, increased living expenses, major repairs needed to the home, job relocation or transfer, death of a family member, and incarceration.

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What will my lender ask for in order to do a short sale?

Lenders will ask the homeowner to provide financial documentation as well as a short sale hardship letter in order to prove their hardship. This cluster of paperwork is called a short sale package. These financial documents will give your lender a better understanding of your financial hardship by validating first hand that you really do need the short sale. The short sale hardship letter is a letter written by you in regards to your current situation and how it came about, and will ask your lender to accept the short sale. It is always best to end your hardship letter with a quick statement on why you feel a short sale may be your best alternative to a foreclosre. We will help you assemble the short sale package, and present all required documents to your lender as well.

Is a short sale an option even if my home is in foreclosure?

Certainly. Although it is advised to seek out approval from your lender in regards to a short sale as soon as you realize you are falling behind on payments, lenders are becoming more willing to accept short sales because of the hectic housing market at this time.  A foreclosure can also cost a lender as much as $58,000, which may not even include any vandalism that may come upon the property should it stay vacant for a while. We are also able to get relocation incentives from your lender in many cases as well.


How can I find a Realtor to help me with my short sale in Pompano Beach?

When searching for a Realtor who can successfully complete your short sale, you will need an experienced short sale specialist who can guide you through this difficult season and get the job done. We are a group of Pompano Beach short sale experts have closed many short sales while also giving distressed homeowners the hope for their future. Do not trust your financial future to just anyone. Contact us today and speak with one of our highly experienced Pompano Beach short sale Realtors!

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If you are searching for a Pompano Beach Equator Short Sale Realtor who is trained and qualified to help you, then contact us today! Our Distressed Property Experts are Certified in short sales and can help you see if you qualify for a Pompano Beach Short Sale at no cost! Our services are 100% free to you! We work with all lenders, including Bank of America short sales, Wells Fargo Short Sales, and Chase Bank Short sales.