Vero Beach Short Sale Specialists


What is a Vero Beach short sale?

A short sale in Vero Beach is a real estate transaction that occurs when a homeowner speaks with their lender in regards to the possibility of selling their property below what is currently owed on the home with hopes of the lender accepting a lower pay out in the end. Most lenders are usually willing to accept the short sale because of the costly effects of a foreclosure.

How can I qualify for a short sale on my Florida home?

The qualifications of a short sale are becoming a little more relaxed these days. One of the most typical qualifications of a short sale is being in a financial hardship. Financial hardships for a short sale may range from divorce, excessive medical bills, job loss, death of a family member, incarceration, etc. These are only a few ideas of typically accepted short sale financial hardships. It is important to speak with your lender immediately when you are having doubts about your mortgage loan obligations; the sooner you seek approval, the sooner you may conclude your hardship and move on with your life.

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Why would my lender accept a short sale on my home?

More and more these days’ lenders are becoming a little more accepted to the short sale process because they have seen the rewarding side to a short sale versus a foreclosure. A foreclosure can cost a lender $58,000 or more; yes, in a short sale the lender also takes a loss, but they do however, manage to gain in the end. Also, foreclosures look bad on banks, so it only makes sense that they would try other options before having to result to foreclosure if necessary.


What will my lender need from me in my short sale?

Most of the time a lender will ask for financial documents as well as a short sale hardship letter. These papers make up a short sale package. The short sale package is a basic way of giving your lender a better understanding of your current situation while also validating your predicament. Financial documentation like W-2’s, paystubs, financial statements, etc are a few examples of what your lender will typically ask for. Your hardship letter will be your way of telling your lender in a mature manner of how your hardship came to be, what you have done to attempt other solutions and why you think a short sale could be beneficial to both you and your lender.

Is it possible to continue to stay in my Vero Beach home during the short sale?

Yes. During your short sale, your home is still your home which means you still have rights to your home. During the remainder of your stay in your Vero Beach home, it is probably a good idea to save whatever money possible while also looking for alternative options once the short sale has been completed.

Can my current Realtor do a short sale on my home?

When it comes to short sales, you get the luxury of having a short sale specialist working on your behalf handling all negotiations. However, it is important to note that not all Realtors can step up to the short sale process. Some Realtors may say they can take on your short sale but in reality the chances of a successful short sale is slim. When you are searching for a short sale expert to assist you during your short sale, it is best to take some time out to do a broad research while collecting credentials. In our network of highly experienced short sale agents, we provide credentials without hesitation because we know how important it is to a distressed homeowner to be in good hands during their time of need. One of the greatest things about short sales is we offer no cost assistance to you; your lender will pay all commission costs. It is important for you to know that there is somebody out there who is beyond qualified to help you get through your short sale and back on with your life.  So, contact us today and let us show you that with the amount of experience we hold, we can get you back on track and looking forward to a brighter future!



If you are searching for a Vero Beach short sale specialist who is familiar with the Bank of America short sale platform and will offer no cost assistance to you in your short sale, then contact us today! Our Equator short sale Realtors are advanced in short sales and look forward to hearing from you! Let's see if you qualify for a Vero beach short sale!