Vineland New Jersey Short Sale Specialists


How does a Vineland NJ short sale work?

A short sale happens when a homeowner asks their lender for permission to sell their property for less than what is currently owed. If the lender does agree, they will then take a lesser payout while also avoiding foreclosure for both parties.


How can I qualify for a short sale?

In order to qualify for a short sale the homeowner will usually need to be in some kind of financial hardship such as divorce, incarceration, and death of a family member or excessive medical bills. These however are only a few examples of acceptable hardships; lenders vary on their qualifications.


Why is it beneficial to do a short sale?

More times than not, a person’s credit will hold the ticket to their future. When a homeowner opts for a short sale they are usually taking the most damage to their credit because of the already missed mortgage payments. A foreclosure can cause a homeowner to lose up to 300 points while also making it nearly impossible to qualify for a loan for about seven years; a short sale will begin its recovery in as little as two years. 

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What will I need to provide in my short sale?

In a short sale, most of the time the lender will require what is a called a short sale package to be presented to them. Within this package will be financial documentation as well as a short sale hardship letter. These documents will validate your hardship while giving your lender a better understanding of your current situation.


Can I still short sale if I am in a Vineland NJ foreclosure?

Absolutely. More than likely your lender will be acceptable to a short sale because they too will benefit. Foreclosures can cost a lender $50,000 and up depending on any repairs or vandalism that may have occurred during its vacancy. Although a lender will be taking less than the original amount of the loan, they will however be bringing in money rather than only dishing out money.


How can I find an experienced Vineland NJ short sale Realtor to assist me?

Finding and choosing the right Vineland NJ short sale specialist can be a process in itself; but well worth it. There are many ways to reach out to specialists in short sales, via the internet, word of mouth, newspaper etc. However you decide to do your research always remember that experience and credentials are key. Our agents have closed many short sales successfully and are always up for sharing the proof. We work hard to make sure you are relieved of your current situation and looking forward to a promising future. We offer no cost assistance to our clients while also staying current on the best ways to help you get through your short sale! Contact us today and let us show you how serious our short sale experts are in getting you back on track!



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