Wells Fargo Short Sale Process

Wells Fargo LogoMany Americans dream about owning their own home one day; a home that will be filled with children and family pets- a home to grow old in and collect memories in. Although some homeowners are living that exact dream at this moment, there is however homeowners who are struggling to keep their precious properties. With the economy slowly making a comeback and the housing market trying to do the same, mortgage payments still seem like an almost impossible task to keep up with. If you are one of these individuals who have found themselves in the possibility of facing a foreclosure on your home because you can no longer afford your mortgage, rest assure you do have options. Wells Fargo is a large mortgage servicer who possesses a very strong team of friendly, loyal and highly intelligent individuals. The Wells Fargo short sale process has shown itself worthy by holding the highest short sale approval rating!


What is a short sale? It is important to understand that a Wells Fargo short sale is for the homeowner who is in distress and needs it, not wants it. A short sale will occur once the homeowner seeks the approval from their lender in order to sell the property below what is currently owed on the home. A lender will have certain expectations for the short sale. Typically, the homeowner will need to be in some type of financial hardship. Lenders do acknowledge the variety of financial hardships that are taking its toll on homeowners and have become more willing to opt for short sales. 


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A few examples of accepted hardships for Wells Fargo Short Sales may include:


Loss of Employment

Reduction in income

Job Transfer or Relocation

Property Damage (Natural and Unnatural)



Death of a Family Member


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Facing any of the above hardships is indeed tragic. These are a few examples of hardships lenders will typically accept. When applying for a short sale, your lender will usually ask you to provide a cluster of documents known as a short sale package. Your short sale package will play a major role in your short sale because it will give your lender a better understanding of your current situation while also validating your financial hardship. Within the Wells Fargo short sale package, you may need the following:


Short Sale Hardship Letter

Two Months of Recent Paystubs

Two Recent Bank Statements

Previous Year Tax Returns and W-2’s

A Financial Statement

On each of your documents within the Wells Fargo short sale package should include your name, date and loan number. Should any of these documents be lost, your short sale could be delayed or even rejected. If you are not able to provide one or more of any documents asked for by your lender, then you may write up a letter explaining in detail your reasoning.


During your short sale, your Wells Fargo short sale specialist Realtor will work with Wells Fargo on your behalf to aggressively get your home sold so that you can your family may move on in a more positive direction into your future. It is important to note that you will not be charged for any services we provide to you during your short sale; we offer 100% free no cost assistance! Time is of the essence during this time of your life and slows down for no one. Our highly trained short sale specialists look forward to assisting you as soon as possible and helping to give you a better piece of mind, contact us today!


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